The Seven Universal Laws - Success Secrets from the Bible.

By Essen films - A Kabakov-Abeles production.
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Transcript of the laws mentioned in the success secrets videos:

The Seven Universal Laws:

1. Don not worship Idols - The Principal of Unity

The Principal of Unity demands worship of G-d alone.

Prohibitions include:

  • Not to make or serve idolatrous images
  • Not to cause others to worship idols
  • Not to engage in black magic or devil worship

Benefits include:

  • Freedom from falsehood and deception
  • Spiritual strength to overcome compulsions and addictions
  • Saving from disappointment, being let down, having your hopes dashed to the ground.

2. Do not curse G-d - The Principal of Respect

Prohibitions include:

  • Not to be disrespectful to G-d
  • Not to speak against G-d

Benefits include:

  • Achieving trust in G-d
  • The power to remain positive - allowing good outcomes for unlikely and negative situations
  • Admiration and respect (Whoever respects G-d is likewise respected by others)

3. Establish Courts of Justice - The Principle of Justice

Prohibitions include:

  • Do not pervert justice
  • Do not engage in favoritism
  • Do not offer or accept a bribe
  • Do not perjure, frame or falsely accuse another of a crime they did not commit

Benefits include:

  • Makes conflicts no longer open-ended
  • Offers an opportunity to resolve difficulties
  • Abolishes oppression and tyranny
  • Allows every member of society to obtain to the image of G-d and develop to their fullest.

4. Do not murder - The Principle of Life

Prohibitions include:

  • Not to contract murder
  • Not to perform an abortion
  • Not to commit suicide
  • Not to implement euthanasia
  • Not to engage in slander or character assassination

Benefits include:

  • A happier, more peaceful, and richer life
  • An increased capacity for pleasure
  • Being free of psychosomatic disease caused by hatred, grudge-bearing, and vengeance-taking.

5. Do not commit Adultery or Incest - The Principle of Love

Prohibitions include:

  • Illicit relations with ones:
  1. Mother
  2. Father’s wife
  3. Maternal sister
  4. Someone else’s wife
  5. Homosexuality
  6. Bestiality

Benefits include:

  • Creates happy families and satisfying relationships
  • Prevents transmission of sexually communicable diseases
  • Provides nurture and trust needed for marriage bonds to deepen and grow

6. Do not steal - Principle of Dominion

Prohibitions include:

  • Not trying to obtain anything by dishonest means, including:
  • Not to cheat, defraud or misrepresent
  • Not to withhold salaries from workers
  • Not to violate another’s property and rights

Benefits include:

  • Obtaining the trust and respect of others, making them want to benefit you in every way
  • Enables you to get your true portion, your rightful share - what was intended for you from the beginning

7. Do not eat flesh from a living animal - The Principle of Kindness

Prohibitions include:

  • Cruelty to animals
  • Tormenting the weak and helpless

Benefits include:

  • Makes you into a better person
  • Increases your sensitivity to suffering of others
  • Makes you popular, well-liked and sought after for friendship and business dealings

How to Repent:

  1. Tell G-d you are sorry
  2. Verbally confess your sin
  3. Resolve to keep the Seven Universal Laws from now on.


The Noachide Code: The 7 Commandments of the Covenant of Noah, the universal moral code for all mankind.

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